“Your great ‘Gentle Series’ tapes … have become very precious at the deepest level of my being. They are helping so greatly on restoring the comfort and vitality of my body – the body that has been pushed by dance since I was 3 years old – the body doing yoga for over 40 years and the body that has been teaching non-stop for over 35 years – the body that came to the conference over-tired, in pain and frustrated emotionally. Your sadhana class on Fri A.M. was a gift! However as the weekend progressed I was feeling my years with such a sense of loss for the joy of moving and stretching – I felt weak, tired, depressed, and old sitting in Meditation and doing Pranayama was equally discouraging.

At home on Monday morning I played your first tape and did my sadhana to your gentle and encouraging voice. It was magical. To date I worked to all 3 tapes ( 1 each A.M.) and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your special gifts of leading and teaching. My body feels renewed and pain-free and my energy has returned to where it has always been. Truly, less is more. I was forced by weakness and inertia to stop and by turning to your tapes I am regaining my body and my spirit.

The honesty and integrity of the practice you inspire is magnificent, and I pray you’ll continue for many more years.

Yours in yoga,
Penuka Paula Heitzmer

© Kit Latham


After I was diagnosed with a pinched sciatic nerve I started to practice Rudy Peirce’s Gentle Yoga, Part 1. It was so effective in easing my pain (along with a weekly massage) that I practice every day, fearful that if I missed a day, the pain would return. It took several years but I’m happy to say “no more sciatic problems.” Thank you, Rudy.
Barbara Means (age 74)

© Kit Latham


I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how deeply I value and appreciate your very special brand of yoga instruction … I had gotten so much out of your yoga instruction that weekend that before I left Kripalu I purchased your Gentle Series tapes. Turns out it was one of the best purchases I ever made …

I cannot tell you how comforting it was to hear your voice. I have so many other yoga tapes but yours is special to me, not only because it brings me back to the times of doing yoga with you in person but also because the quality of your voice is just so relaxing, comforting and supportive. And I can feel your intention as I listen and follow along, it’s so loving and so giving. I honestly thank God that I had the good fortune of meeting you and experiencing your talent and caring. I can’t thank you enough.

I’ve committed myself to starting small … beginning every day with your Gentle Series tapes, slowing moving into the rest of the series and watching my progress over time. I know I’ll make progress if I can stick with this … Thank you for touching my life in such an extraordinary way.
Susan Wolfe


© Kit Latham

Thank you for sharing your unique gift with us. I have been practicing yoga for 25 years and recognize the importance of keeping all the moving parts flexible and now, in my 60s, and thrilled to find your “Gentle Series” for daily practice. And my husband, fior the first time, is eager to begin.
Blessed be,