Gentle Yoga Restore Vigor and Promotes Health

Gentle yoga uses various props to allow people to stay in poses for a long time, without any discomfort, stress, strain, injury risk and pain. Compared to more dynamic yoga practices, gentle yoga requires more attention and receptiveness. It involves a different kind of muscular engagement.

If you have yet to try gentle yoga, here are some very good reasons to start:

1. Gentle yoga helps you reach an optimal alignment.
2. The beneficial effects of restorative yoga have the time to reach nerves and organs, including respiratory, circulatory and nervous systems.
3. Gentle yoga relaxes and regenerates both the body and the mind.
4. Gentle yoga improves flexibility without injury risk or pain if done with mindfulness, care and respect for the body.
5. Because gentle yoga relaxes the mind, it helps relieve anxiety. It is not the only form of yoga that allows that, but its results are faster compared to other practices.
6. Gentle yoga helps insomnia.
7. Gentle yoga develops patience, humbleness and the ability to focus.
8. Gentle yoga improves respiratory capacity and blood circulation.
9. Some restorative yoga poses can relieve pain in specific body areas, such as neck, lower back, hips, etc.
10. Gentle yoga allows you to increase self-awareness and offers opportunities for meditation.
11. Gentle yoga is a wonderful practice when you are physically, emotionally or mentally tired.
12. Everyone can do gentle yoga, including older people, as well as people with injuries or illnesses, as long as the practice is adapted and adjusted to their needs and limits.
13 Scientific studies have shown that gentle yoga can help people cope with serious illnesses, such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease.
14. You can do one or two restorative yoga poses at work or anywhere, for 10 to 15 minutes! This is enough to help you renew and go on with your week.
15. Gentle yoga is fun and a real treat! It’s like taking a staycation (vacation while staying in town)!

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