This is the second of a series of gentle sequences developed while teaching hundreds of classes and training yoga teachers at Kripalu Center in Lenox, Massachusetts.

This sequence will stretch and open the body in the gentle and accessible style of Gentle 1, the first Gentle Series CD. It provides a creative sequence of stretches and postures to add variety to to your gentle yoga posture.

Like Gentle I, Gentle II is designed so that both the beginner and the experienced practitioner can easily understand and benefit from the practice.

Begin to draw your attention inward. Lengthen and deepen your breath. And feel the subtle motions that the breath causes in the body, in the belly, in the chest. The intention of the practice of yoga is to bring the mind to a state of peace, to bring us to the threshold of meditation.

Yoga encourages us to create comfort and ease in the body. I invite you to create comfort and ease throughout your practice today, nurturing a state of calm and clarity, To help us with this, we’ll be focusing on synchronizing movement and breath.

Begin by lowering your chin to your chest. Take a breath in. Exhale. And as you inhale, bring your head to the right. Bring your right ear towards your right shoulder. Hold the breath in for a moment. And then exhale, your head back to center. And inhale, your head to the left. Your chin dropped down, and then exhale, your head back to center. And continue, inhaling your head to the side. The yoga stretch in the side of the neck, exhale to center. Inhale over to the left. Exhale to center. And one more time. Inhale the head to the right. Exhale to center. And inhale to the left. And exhale to center. And let your head come up straight. And breathe and feel.