The working organic farm at Ebbio in Tuscany provides the backdrop for our new Gentle Yoga adventure on September 29-October 6, 2007.




Join us as we combine the rejuvenating power of gentle yoga with the soothing beauty of Tuscany.


Elizabeth Mizon, in “Landscapes of Tuscany: A Countryside Guide” has written:

There is such a variety of beautiful countryside. Within Tuscany’s boundaries, are set, side by side, an array of landscapes so diverse it’s as if a geography teacher had set it up as a sampler. To the north and east are the high mountains of the Apennines, steep and austere as any mountain barrier … There are of course the rolling hills of the Chianti, so photogenic with the lines of vines, hilltop villages and cypress trees … Tuscany has so much – and all bathed in walker-friendly weather and decorated by some of the world’s best architects and landscape architects. … Stand and stare; let the beauty and the history and the friendly people seep into your soul.



So take a moment to envision yourself as a guest at this lovely Tuscan villa. Ebbio is surrounded by thriving vineyards, olive trees and evergreen forests.






We will be practicing yoga with a sense of ease and lightness indoors and outdoors.






Each day you will experience the rejuvenating power of gentle yoga as brought to you by master yoga instructor Rudy Peirce and his wife Joyce Schroeder-Peirce, a certified Danskinetics instructor.




Of course, one of the benefits of being in Tuscany is to feast on scrumptiously fresh gourmet Italian cuisine.


You can travel with companions or relax in solitude, as your heart desires.

Under The Cherry Tree – Ebbio

Tuscany is beautiful and a perfect setting for us to appreciate the great and sacred interconnectedness that binds us all together.

Sunset – Ebbio

Additional on-site pleasures include: horseback riding, hiking, biking, donkey trekking, communing with the farm animals, or simply soaking in an old wine barrel transformed into a unique floating pool.



Monteriggioni – 5 minute drive

Local day-trips offered include: the ancient walled town of Monteriggioni, the World Heritage Sites of San Gimignano and Siena, the Mediterranean Sea, the Petriolo Hot Springs, and Volterra, one of the highest Tuscan hilltowns.


Petriolo Hot Springs – Brandon Quinn


San Gimignano – 45 minute drive


Remember, we’ll be staying in a 14th century Tuscan Farmhouse, so in many ways this is a quintessentially rustic experience. With a total of 11 rooms, Ebbio can accommodate up to 26 people in a wide variety of arrangements. Here are some of the different rooms:







The old country ways of Tuscany – the silence and earthy fragrances – provide the perfect setting for the practice of gentle yoga, and for creating a new sense of what’s possible. As Ebbio is being renovated, so too will we be rejuvenated.


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