Welcome to Gentle Yoga.  We are a new website devoted to Yoga, and Yoga Practice to increase your health, happiness and ongoing internal spiritual conditioning.  After all, the one of the goals of this life is to find those elusive moments of happiness during the time we have on this physical incarnation.

As a warrior of life, I have personally been through various incarnations of hell on this earth.  I have come to understand that all I have is this moment in time, that the past is gone and the future has not yet happened.  Happiness is the exception to the rule, and that most of life is, in fact, suffering.  If I can live my life with emotional detachment, I have a chance at happiness, which ends up being  a terrible irony.

The practice of Yoga gives me a shot at emotional detachment, and for that I am very grateful. Please feel free to contact me through this contact form, or post a comment somewhere on the site.  Since this is a blog the forma is fluid.

If you would like me to publish and articla of a collection of your thoughts on this site, I am always looking for contributors and contributions.

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