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Sadhana is defined as daily spiritual practice.

In my teacher training we are learning in depth about the importance of Sadhana.

There are 3 main components to the Aquarian Sadhana.

Jabji Sahib- works to connect the Spirit within
Yoga- provides exercise for the body
Meditation with mantra- gives the mind regular balance

And thus our daily spiritual practice, or Sadhana, connects the Spirit, Body and Mind while bringing them into balance. It provides a means to clear the subconscious daily so that we may act from the center of our being throughout the day.
Time of day is another key component to the Aquarian Sadhana, it must be performed during the Amrit Vela, in order to achieve maximum effectiveness. The angle of the Sun creates an effect on the mind which allows for deep meditation and evolutionary processes to unfold.
There is a scientific reasoning that lies behind this timing as well. The Schumann Resonance actually relates the Sun and the electromagnetic field to a human brain.… Read the rest

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Wide range of events planned for Srivatsa Ramaswami to share knowledge with the community

Gentle Yoga will host Indian Yoga master Srivatsa Ramaswami from December 8-24 for The Art of Yoga, a 16-day exploration when Ramaswami will impart the age-old knowledge of a complete yoga practice. Events, some of which are free, include a book signing and lecture, a traditional sun salutation practice at a local park, intensive workshops, trainings, and specialized classes in yoga practice, meditation, and philosophy.

“This is a rare opportunity for Americans to experience the full range of yoga as taught by a master teacher from India,” Gentle Yoga and director of its teacher training programs. “The majority of yoga practiced throughout the world today came from the teacher who trained Ramaswami and Austin has been given the privilege to experience yoga in the purest form. Gentle Yoga is honored to host a genuine Yoga Master.”

Beginning at the age of 15 and continuing for more than 30 years, Ramaswami was a student of Sri T.… Read the rest

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I was always tired…

I’ve been going to Gentle Yoga for a little over a month now. With most fitness routines, I wouldn’t expect to see any improvement, but I have seen great improvement since I started going to Gentle Yoga. I was in a motorcycle accident a couple of years ago. The metetarsals in my foot were crushed and my ankle was fractured and dislocated. After 5 painful surgeries with pins, plates and grafts I could barely walk. Gentle Yoga has changed all that !… Read the rest

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