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I just Love Gentle Yoga !

When we went to the class, my mind was going ten thousand miles a minute. Even when we st in our first posture, I could not stop the thinking. The breath, watch the breath. We started on postures, and I lost track, staying in the moment. Before I knew, my day had started over, and I awoke, as if from a dream, and the class was over and I felt refreshed.

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I lowered my cholesterol !

For years, I have been on medication to control my cholesterol, and, to some extent, my sugar levels. A few days ago, I took a 6-month fasting blood test again (the previous one was taken before I became a member of Gentle Yoga). The results came back yesterday and I was overwhelmed with them. The levels were significantly lower than the previous test! Nothing else in my life has changed except for the fact that I have been doing Gentle Yoga !… Read the rest

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Gentle Yoga has worked wonders !

I started practicing yoga in May, 2006, after suffering from stiffness in my neck and shoulders. After a few classes, my shoulders were relaxed and I realized that the more I practiced, the better I felt. I committed for one year, and after the year’s commitment, I didn’t renew my membership for about 6 months, during which time I developed TMJ (tight muscle jaw) brought out by whiplash from an ac…… Read the rest

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