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Gentle Yoga Restore Vigor and Promotes Health

Gentle yoga uses various props to allow people to stay in poses for a long time, without any discomfort, stress, strain, injury risk and pain. Compared to more dynamic yoga practices, gentle yoga requires more attention and receptiveness. It involves a different kind of muscular engagement.

If you have yet to try gentle yoga, here are some very good reasons to start:

1. Gentle yoga helps you reach an optimal alignment.
2. The beneficial effects of restorative yoga have the time to reach nerves and organs, including respiratory, circulatory and nervous systems.
3. Gentle yoga relaxes and regenerates both the body and the mind.
4. Gentle yoga improves flexibility without injury risk or pain if done with mindfulness, care and respect for the body.
5. Because gentle yoga relaxes the mind, it helps relieve anxiety. It is not the only form of yoga that allows that, but its results are faster compared to other practices.… Read the rest

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Gentle Yoga ~ Origins

Gentle Yoga with Rudy Peirce

Rudy Peirce began his professional career as a yoga instructor in 1982 after receiving certification at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. He was living in the yoga community at that time and developed his skills teaching yoga through yoga classes and yoga workshops both for guests and the resident community. His colleagues at the Kripalu Center soon dubbed him the “Doctor feel-good of yoga” based on his sensitive style of instruction and guidance in his yoga classes. Rudy was clearly committed to giving his yoga students a deep stretch that resulted in a deeply satisfying relaxation experience without putting them through the rigors of numerous yoga asanas (yoga postures).

Rudy taught beginner, intermediate and advanced yoga classes, but his students and colleagues noticed that his beginner classes were qualitatively unique and gifted them with a sense of competence and depth in their yoga practice without any risk of strain or injury.… Read the rest

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