Gentle Yoga Restore Vigor and Promotes Health

Gentle yoga uses various props to allow people to stay in poses for a long time, without any discomfort, stress, strain, injury risk and pain. Compared to more dynamic yoga practices, gentle yoga requires more attention and receptiveness. It involves a different kind of muscular engagement.

If you have yet to try gentle yoga, here are some very good reasons to start:

1. Gentle yoga helps you reach an optimal alignment.
2. The beneficial effects of restorative yoga have the time to reach nerves and organs, including respiratory, circulatory and nervous systems.
3. Gentle yoga relaxes and regenerates both the body and the mind.
4. Gentle yoga improves flexibility without injury risk or pain if done with mindfulness, care and respect for the body.
5. Because gentle yoga relaxes the mind, it helps relieve anxiety. It is not the only form of yoga that allows that, but its results are faster compared to other practices.… Read the rest

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Bikram Choudhury Controversy

Bikram Choudhury, the one who started Bikram yoga is a very important personality in the yoga world and is in great demand for lectures and talks. Bikram yoga has been in the news lately for a lot of reasons one of them being the Bikram Yoga Controversy. People are seen shifting from other styles of yoga and adopting this form for its quick benefits.

Most people know this form of yoga as the hot yoga but not all hot yoga forms can be referred to as Bikram Yoga. Bikram Yoga instructors follow strict rules while teaching it. Try Bikram for flexibility as the heat in the room makes you strwetch better without hurting yourself. It has 26 poses which are always performed in order. Everything is done in 90 minutes in a room heated to about 37C. Anybody who teaches this form of yoga will have to be certified from the Yoga College of India run by Bikram Choudhury.… Read the rest

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Gentle Yoga ~ Origins

Gentle Yoga with Rudy Peirce

Rudy Peirce began his professional career as a yoga instructor in 1982 after receiving certification at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. He was living in the yoga community at that time and developed his skills teaching yoga through yoga classes and yoga workshops both for guests and the resident community. His colleagues at the Kripalu Center soon dubbed him the “Doctor feel-good of yoga” based on his sensitive style of instruction and guidance in his yoga classes. Rudy was clearly committed to giving his yoga students a deep stretch that resulted in a deeply satisfying relaxation experience without putting them through the rigors of numerous yoga asanas (yoga postures).

Rudy taught beginner, intermediate and advanced yoga classes, but his students and colleagues noticed that his beginner classes were qualitatively unique and gifted them with a sense of competence and depth in their yoga practice without any risk of strain or injury.… Read the rest

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Yoga is Super for us!

I have done yoga since I was a teenager. I has helped save my poor back and as I get older, I appreciate that it helps me maintain good balance. But, I didn’t realize how super yoga is for us.

Heart Disease

Several trials have found that yoga can lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and resting heart rates, and help slow the progression of atherosclerosis—all risk factors for heart disease, says Erin Olivo, PhD, director of Columbia University’s Integrative Medicine Program.

While almost any exercise is good for the heart, experts speculate yoga’s meditative component may give it an extra boost by helping to stabilize the endothelium, the lining of the blood vessels that, when irritated, contributes to cardiovascular disease. Since the lining is reactive to stress, and meditation can lower stress hormones, yoga may be causing a cascade of events that could reduce your risk of a heart attack or stroke.… Read the rest

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Time away = my muscles go on vacation

I went to a yoga class last week for the first time in several months. In the past, I had a partner in crime that joined me in the downward/upward dogs but, this time I came to class alone.

I have to admit, I felt self-conscious, my body did not behave or stand up to the challenging postures as well as it had in the past. Time away = my muscles go on vacation. As the class went on I quickly recalled why I loved being there. Each person in the class was there for a common purpose. They had put aside “life” and noise and made a conscious choice to be present in our class.

Unlike the world that exists off the mat, there was no competition, no judgment, no clicks…. There was simply breath, restorative movement and a focus on calm. Repeating postures together, following each others breath; I began to feel community with these strangers.… Read the rest

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Sadhana is defined as daily spiritual practice.

In my teacher training we are learning in depth about the importance of Sadhana.

There are 3 main components to the Aquarian Sadhana.

Jabji Sahib- works to connect the Spirit within
Yoga- provides exercise for the body
Meditation with mantra- gives the mind regular balance

And thus our daily spiritual practice, or Sadhana, connects the Spirit, Body and Mind while bringing them into balance. It provides a means to clear the subconscious daily so that we may act from the center of our being throughout the day.
Time of day is another key component to the Aquarian Sadhana, it must be performed during the Amrit Vela, in order to achieve maximum effectiveness. The angle of the Sun creates an effect on the mind which allows for deep meditation and evolutionary processes to unfold.
There is a scientific reasoning that lies behind this timing as well. The Schumann Resonance actually relates the Sun and the electromagnetic field to a human brain.… Read the rest

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Wide range of events planned for Srivatsa Ramaswami to share knowledge with the community

Gentle Yoga will host Indian Yoga master Srivatsa Ramaswami from December 8-24 for The Art of Yoga, a 16-day exploration when Ramaswami will impart the age-old knowledge of a complete yoga practice. Events, some of which are free, include a book signing and lecture, a traditional sun salutation practice at a local park, intensive workshops, trainings, and specialized classes in yoga practice, meditation, and philosophy.

“This is a rare opportunity for Americans to experience the full range of yoga as taught by a master teacher from India,” Gentle Yoga and director of its teacher training programs. “The majority of yoga practiced throughout the world today came from the teacher who trained Ramaswami and Austin has been given the privilege to experience yoga in the purest form. Gentle Yoga is honored to host a genuine Yoga Master.”

Beginning at the age of 15 and continuing for more than 30 years, Ramaswami was a student of Sri T.… Read the rest

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I just Love Gentle Yoga !

When we went to the class, my mind was going ten thousand miles a minute. Even when we st in our first posture, I could not stop the thinking. The breath, watch the breath. We started on postures, and I lost track, staying in the moment. Before I knew, my day had started over, and I awoke, as if from a dream, and the class was over and I felt refreshed.

I just Love Gentle Yoga !… Read the rest

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Great Health Benefits !

I just had my 70th birthday and I have been aware of the benefits of Gentle Yoga since I came to the Berkshires more than three years ago. My doctors confirmed these benefits, however, I still required blood pressure medication to lower my blood pressure.

This past Monday, I had to leave class right after meditation to drive to my medical appointment. After taking my blood pressure, and the numbers were the best yet, my doctor asked once again about my Gentle Yoga. I told her that I just left class and the effects were still with me. She replied, “This is wonderful. Take another session later today!”

My bone density reports were just as startling. Since doing Dahn Yoga my bone density had improved greatly!… Read the rest

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I lowered my cholesterol !

For years, I have been on medication to control my cholesterol, and, to some extent, my sugar levels. A few days ago, I took a 6-month fasting blood test again (the previous one was taken before I became a member of Gentle Yoga). The results came back yesterday and I was overwhelmed with them. The levels were significantly lower than the previous test! Nothing else in my life has changed except for the fact that I have been doing Gentle Yoga !… Read the rest

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